Just Keep Rokking....!

Saturday, January 13, 2007


Yeeeuuuughhhh...the world infuriates, bugs, angers, frustrates, saddens me!
Im so sick of the world
the words of the world
the ways of the world
the conversations of the world
the practices of the world
the people in the WORLD!!!

Why is it like this?
Its soo, imature, disgusting, infruriating, rude, crude, pureless, annoying, disgraceful, sin - full!

I cant stand the world anymore
it bugs me so much, the way people tlak bout unsavoury subjects...i dont care if it makes me sound snobbish or posh....
its horrible...common...graceless

ive had it up to here with it!
Worldlyness sux and all i can think of is running from it as fast as i can...

"do not conform to the status of this world...!"

I SO AGREE... why would you want to?
whats the appeal?
there is none...its so unsubtle...nothing sacred...nothing untouchable...nothing joyful about a world full of swearing, sex, violence...all in the wrong ways!!!

Im so sick of it all..

Take me in Your presence
Hide me behind Your hands
Lift me to a safer, higher place
Away from the hatred, the sorrow, the world....

Sunday, December 24, 2006


Christmas Ball -
Food, merriment, party...bring it on!

But Silvia and Luci have gone...NOOOO!

But Jesus has come ... WOOOP! (soz for the cheese)

Christmas is gonna be fun I hope!
Sandwich Toaster here we come...(what a gr8 pressie hehe)


Friday, October 27, 2006


Watching the waves crash
The never ending sand
The wind on my face
The touch of your hand

You lift me up
You wont let me fall
You love me for me
I heard your call

Im following you
Hanging on your words
Watching your movements
As graceful as a birds

When will i meet you?
I dont know
Face to face will be in the future
Now will be in my high and my low

Come give me guidance
Come give me plans
Shape my future
Because it rests in your hands.

Monday, October 16, 2006

Stick em up...

Sticking up for what you belive!

Come on people...wheres your fight....wheres your umph...wheres your faith?

Do you not belive in what you fighting for?
Or is it just immature rebellious childishness...


You have no faith if you dont fight
you can tell people, spread it around, scream and shout, or make a big fuss...
whatever you doing if its getting ur message across then you are fighting!
you arent living in the shadows

a quiet word wont go far but a big shout will...a strong conversation builds a thought...a timid word goes no where...
a rebellious SHOUT goes a long way!

think about what you are sticking up for...think about what you say to people about what they believe...
you may belive the same and not make a fuss but you should not put others down...
if they fighting then what are you doing?
fighting against one...they are fighting against and for the world!

To the perescuted...
close your ears...
close your eyes...
your not doing wrong
your doing more...
your fighting
your trusting in your victory...
Go for it and push aside your worries, your fears, your persecutors...

In my own way i get the message across...but i dont put you down...i support you!!

He is proud!

Friday, October 06, 2006

Lime Green Hat - (to Come in Part Two!)

As you may know
it is my bday soon
sweet 16, never been kissed as loz likes to say!

umm yeh
What would i like to do in my 16th year?!?
everything material - Good GCSE's

everything spiritual - closer to God, God in my leading, God in my life, God in my working, playing, reading, writing, singing!

How cool is it that i get to lead soon
and how cool is it that i will be leading people into worship of God!
i cant wait...i wanna be used by Him, i wanna b filled with Him on that day, i want his light to shine through me, i wanna be an inspiration to others, i wanna sing ONLY for Him...

Singing with a heart filled with love
A body full of praise
Jumping with my feet full of joy
Feet first into a brand new God phase!

Teaching with my actions
Sharing with my prayers
Resonating this whole world with us christians in our pairs

I realy also wanna get stuck into my bible even more, here is much stuff to learn, to love, to share and i wann know it all, i wanna hav it busting out of me...

Join the masses
Shout the creed
Gods in the Bible
So read read read...

Those who save their lives, will lose it, but those who give up their lives will gain it1

How cool, i really wanna feel this way...just give up my life and gain a whole new one in heaven, dont keep trying to save it only to lose it when i die!


Saturday, September 23, 2006

In your own way...

Your an individual
Got your own ideas
Lack of appreciation
Shows your hearts of fears

Dont be the one
Who runs and hides
Dont be the one
Who only praises when they die

Your an individual
Thank him while you can
Worship or ritual
In any way you can

Theres just one rule to do it right
Make sure its all from you
And all for The Life


Sunday, September 17, 2006


The F word!

FLIRT! - People flirt all the time, even when they dont mean it...they dont realise they doing it...or do they?...why do we flirt? why dont we just snore at each other?!? its a mystery i dont understand!

I love to flirt
In my bright pink shirt
It gathers the boys
Away from their toys!

(what the..?)

The F word!

Fish - Fish are fish, fish are friendly, they swim, they go 0 o 0 o...they eat well, they stink...so why are they called fish...F- freedom...I - individual...S - smelly...H - hungry!
Another random fish about fact....facts are fishy!

I like fish
In my dish
They fill my tummy
They're all scrummy

The F word!


so pointless...meaningless...duh!

Over and out you flirty fish!